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Resources for Math Modeling Contests:

Check out the past problems from a local contest at Brown University, and the reports submitted by some of the students to both the local and the international contest (the Report links) to help you prepare for the contest.

To prepare for the national contest, check out reports for the international MCM contest from teams at University of Washington.

If you want more advice to better prepare for the local and national contests, please visit the COMAP Website.

Finally, please check out this rubric before the contest as it will help you get an idea of how your responses will be graded during the local contest!


Past Participants and Problems

2019 OSU MCM Problems

2019 OSU MCM Participants 

Outstanding Winners:

  • Team of Dongyuan Chen, Baoxin Lai, and Dashan Wei: Report

  • Team of Frank Tusick, Richard Mueller, and Rahul Sreeram: Report

  • Team of Matt Shmukler, Liam Chen, and Sean McCabe: Report

Honorable Mentions:

  • Team of Keyang Yu, Wenbo Nan, and Chenwei Xu

  • Team of Frank Wu, Greg LeVay, and Hannah Johnson

  • Team of Wanlu Wang, Xiaoyu Chen, and Dan Yan

Successful Participants:

  • Team of Spenser Mo, Jiaqian Zhang, and Taryn Li

  • Team of Emily Rubel, Christie Cannon, and Naman Daga

  • Team of Tiancheng Shi, Yixin Xu, and Chengyu Zheng


2018 OSU MCM Problems

2018 OSU MCM Participants

Outstanding Winners:

  • Team of Frank Tusick, Nolan Hanna, Rahul Sreeram:  Report

  • Team of Yuxiang Lin, Yu Luan, Mingxin Xie: Report

Honorable Mentions:

  • Team of Romik Ghosh, Tze Hei Tam.

  • Team of Zongyang Li, Shian Chen, Weilie Lin.

  • Team of Qingyi Zhang, Ruoqi Zhu, Yixuan Gu.

  • Team of Zhengxi Pan, Yu Linghu, Jiarui Chen.

  • Team of Shiyu Dou, Yu Si, Zhongyuan Zhai.

Successful Participants:

  • Team of Chengyu Zheng, Tiancheng Shi, Yixin Xu

2017 OSU MCM Problems

2017 OSU MCM Participants

Outstanding Winners:

  • Team of Zhiyuan Li, Yifan Sun, Zeyuan Xu: Report

  • Team of Yi Jin, Zhenyang Yu, Shiyao Zhang: Report

  • Team of Yiyang Li, Yunfei Luo, Cheng Zeng: Report


  • Team of Xing Gao, Lei Yang, Yiqing Zhang: Report

  • Team of Shuyang Chen, Hongxu Hao, Jingyuan Wan: Report


  • Team of Rohin Dasari, Kun Li, Rui Li

  • Team of Simin Chen, Yu Wang, Bohan Zhang

  • Team of Ningyi Liu, Shaofeng Wu, Junfa Zhu

  • Team of Alice Li, Zhijun Sun, Jiaqian Zhang

  • Team of Ruiqi Cao, Yuxiang Lin, Yuluo Kang

  • Team of Yu Hu, Jingyi Lyu, Yilun Yao

Successful Participants:

  • Team of Yi Qin, Keyang Yu, Danqi Yuan

  • Team of Ke Ren, Xuan (George) Yang, Linna Zhao

  • Team of Wenshu Cui, Ruojing Peng

  • Team of Ziming Ma, Zhaoyang Wang, Xiaochen Zong

  • Team of Xiaoliang Liu, Yiwei Ren, Junrui Wan

  • Team of Liang Dong, Gongzheng Li, Chengzhao Tu



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